Karuna Coaching Program for Low Back

KarunaHOME Program for Low Back Pain

KarunaHOME Program for Workers’ Compensation (CRPS Upper Extremity)

KarunaHOME Program for Frozen Shoulder

KarunaHOME Program for Phantom Limb Pain (VA)

KarunaHOME Program for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome



KarunaHome Functional Rehabilitation Program Whitepaper:
Clinical Evidence

Karuna Labs Inc. has developed the Karuna Virtual Embodiment Training™ (KVET™) system to address the need for alternative, non-invasive, non-pharmalogical methods to treat chronic pain. KVET™ uses a combination of movement sensors and embodied avatars that provide visual feedback during chronic pain functional rehabilitation. Our key innovation is the application of virtual reality (VR) to perform exposure therapy in a cognitive behavioral therapy protocol designed to treat chronic pain through neurocognitive retraining. Karuna Labs utilizes sensory reprocessing done through virtual reality and behavioral health coaching to unlearn chronic pain patterns.

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