Flow and Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback simply put, is a tool for strengthening the brain’s attention skills. Using computerized audio/visual feedback, individuals learn to regulate brain functioning by using EEG patterns.

In our style of attention training we are practicing what is called effortless mindfulness1)http://realitysandwich.com/318076/deliberate-mindfulness-and-effortless-mindfulness/. The word “mindfulness” means returning to the object of attention. Alpha-theta training has been used to help athletes and creatives tap into flow states. The alpha/theta

The benefits of Neurofeedback are multifold:

  1. Better concentration
  2. Better Attention
  3. Enhanced Creativity
  4. Accelerated learning
  5. Development of self-awareness
  6. Development of effortless mindfulness

What we teach at Unfetter, is a type of effortless awareness “FLOW” that is different from the cognitive awareness that we normally use for analytical self-related tasks. Deliberate mindfulness requires you to continuously return to the object of meditation. There is a type of “spacious” awareness that we can shift into which becomes the base of effortless mindfulness.

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