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AET Fund Announces New Investments

Akatsuki Entertainment Technology (AET) Fund, the venture arm of Japan’s entertainment, gaming and live experience company Akatsuki, announced today new investments.

With operations in Los Angeles, Japan and India, AET Fund is investing in in leading gaming, entertainment, esports, health and wellness, media and hospitality startups and plans to add emerging technologies like synthetic media in the near future.

Part of its $50M fund, which has already invested in more than twenty startups in the United States and India, new investments include:

  • Blutag, a cloud-based technology platform that helps retailers deliver voice shopping experiences through voice-activated smart speakers.
  • Karuna Labs, a provider of VR software dedicated to treating chronic pain through cortical reorganization.

Our Purpose

We create immmersive virtual reality technology to treat chronic pain by retraining the brain.

Our Mission

To become the first line of defense against chronic pain.

Our Impact

Creating non-invasive, non-pharmacological, evidence-based chronic pain treatments.

Our Team

Lincoln Nguyen

Jon Weinberg
Andy Riedel
Dr. James Petros
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Michael Trujillo
VP of Clinical Affairs
Alison Tarwater
Product Manager
Alec Pierce
Software Engineer
Lewey Geselowitz
Software Engineer
Jason Bou Kheir
Software Engineer
Anthony Alvarez
VR Technician
Kris Beebe

Physical Therapist

Devra Sheldon
Physical Therapist

Our Clinical Advisory Board

David Smolins, MD
Robert Johnson DPT
Neil Pearson, PT, MSc
Julie Pilitsis, MD Ph.D

Adam Saby,

Ramo Naidu,

Howard Edelman

Erica Pitsch DPT

Adrian Bartoli, MD

Shinzen Young
Zoran Josipovic, PhD
Kynan Eng PhD

Nathaniel Schuster, MD

Contact Us

Main Office

Karuna Labs
525 York Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (424) 248-9314
Fax: (888) 215-0754


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